A major car manufacturing site in France needed to extend its EV charging infrastructure, adding more than 350 kW of requested power. More precisely, forty 7.4 kW charging points and two 50 kW stations had to be installed at two different site areas, both connected to the same electric board that also feeds power to the main building. This additional power demand in a complex topology would significantly increase the risk of exceeding the power capacity limitations of each area and of the entire site.

Bringing down the total cost of ownership

SMATCH now takes care of all that. Local grid characteristics were modeled into the system, including the complex topology with its capacity limitations at different levels. A SMATCH measurement box monitors the building’s real-time power consumption, allowing charging speeds to be adjusted where needed while respecting all the power constraints.

A set of rules was also defined to reserve sufficient capacity for high-priority chargers during periods of excessive load.

This smart orchestration of charging speeds meant that the extension could be carried out with lower additional infrastructure costs and only a limited increase in power capacity, significantly bringing down the total cost of ownership.

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