A global leader in vehicle handling and roll-on-roll-off cargo storage has implemented SMATCH at its major vehicle-processing center at a Belgian port. SMATCH was selected for its ability to orchestrate, with the highest reliability, the process of pre-charging incoming EVs to the levels requested by the different manufacturers.

The center needs to process up to 2000 EVs per day, including charging the batteries to an SLA-specified level agreed with the manufacturer prior to shipment to retailers. It’s essential for the center to meet these demands precisely, because a lower level of charging would incur penalties while charging more than specified would raise costs and make the service less profitable. Charging also needs to be prioritized in accordance with the delivery schedule. In addition, the company has expressed an ambition to charge exclusively with locally produced renewables once the onsite wind farm, Belgium’s largest, is fully operational.

Accurately charged, on time, and with locally produced power

SMATCH makes this happen. It currently manages 308 charging points. Dynamic load balancing optimizes power usage, taking into account site constraints, the grid topology and its dimensions. The system is configured to meet the company’s high-reliability expectations, allowing each EV type to be charged exactly to the level specified in the related SLA. Priority rules ensure that all EVs are accurately charged according to the delivery plan. In addition, arrangements are made to maximize the use of locally produced power.

The system is fully scalable, the number of chargers not being subject to limitation, enabling a smooth scale-up to the target charging capacity of 2000 EVs per day.

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