As electric mobility is on the rise, larger sites need to be equipped with greater numbers of electric vehicle (EV) charging points. This puts pressure on the local power infrastructure of workshops, commercial buildings, and retail and industrial sites. As a site or fleet manager, you’ll need to gradually add more charging stations and dedicate extra power capacity for them, with both investment and operational costs growing. Not only that, the recharging process will have to be managed carefully to meet the different needs and expectations within your fleet. That’s a lot to worry about.

Orchestrating the whole EV charging process

Worry no longer. SMATCH is the smart charging platform that handles EV charging need at your site with an emphasis on keeping costs low and avoiding risks while providing excellent, customized service.

SMATCH supports both static and dynamic load balancing for an unlimited number of chargers at sites with grid topologies of any level of complexity. The load balancing intelligence takes into account:

  • Local physical constraints
  • Local consumption, renewables production and charger usage, including forecasts
  • Charging priorities
  • Driver expectations

Do you have just two minutes?

Our website is more than just our showcase. It describes who we are, where we come from, and what we do for our different groups of customers. But if you have just two minutes to devote to us, this video is for you. It’s a helicopter view of solutions, our areas of operation, and the expertise and skills we can call upon from our 280 dedicated colleagues.

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Smart and complete

SMATCH is the smartest and most complete EV charging solution on the market for business sites because it takes into account all your business constraints as well as the expectations of EV users. SMATCH has been in operation at many business sites since 2016. Experience has been gained from a wide range of sites, including EV hubs, industrial sites, logistics hubs, retail sites, and commercial buildings.

Here are your key benefits:


SMATCH allows you to gradually increase the number of chargers under existing power constraints with limited investment


SMATCH is customized to integrate charging priorities and meet driver needs and expectations


The solution is ready for applications such as vehicle-to-grid and participation in electricity markets

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